The Griffin side of our family has been documented back to William Griffin who was born in 1630 in England and arrived in Virginia in 1638.  Future generations served during the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, and WWII.  The information contained in these family trees have been gathered from many descendents working on our family history. 


Our Barrett line traces back to Revolutionary War veteran Reuben Barrett (1755 - 1814)  with possible links as far back as 1680.  The family started out in Virginia and over several generations moved into South Carolina and later some several other southern states.  The family line now has branches from the east coast to the west coast.  Our direct Texas connection dates back to 1836 shortly after the Battle of San Jacinto and the establishment of the Republic of Texas.


The Suggs line of our family tree had been traced back to Absalom Suggs who was born in 1742 in Johnston County, North Carolina.  By the 5th generation (William F & Lewis M.) the family  had basically settled in the Graceville, Florida area.  Several Suggs are still in the area.  Hillard Barto Suggs (7th generation) and his family moved to the Groveton, Trinity Co., Texas area around 1915.  The following generations reside all over east Texas including the Groveton area.


The Trawick side of our family has been traced to Anson T. Trawick who was born April 8, 1815 in Georgia and died April 6, 1860 in Trinity Co., Texas.  Anson and his wife Margaret are some of the earliest recorded land owners in the east Texas area with records in the State Archives dating to the earliest days if the Republic of Texas (1836).  The family verbal history indicates that these land holdings actually predated the Republic and were based on Spanish land grants in the mid-late 1820's.  We have seen one document that listed (among others) a "Trawick League", but verifying documents have not been found. Anson married Margaret H. McMullian who was born in 1823 in South Carolina and died Nov. 9, 1890 in Trinity Co., Texas.  All of their children were born in Trinity Co., Texas.